Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great Halloween Quotes

“You’ll never grow old Michael. And you’ll never die. But you must feed.” -- The Lost Boys

“Once the door is locked, there is no way out. The windows have bars a jail would be proud of, and the only door to the outside locks like a vault.” -- The House on Haunted Hill

From ghoulies and ghosties and long leggety beasties and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us! -- Scottish saying

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

Transworld 2011

It's one week until we arrive at Transworld's haunt show this year! Can't wait to see all the new Halloween props and animatronics. LOVE the dark zone.

Also, this is both our first outing and my first post since the birth of our daughter... and we've already begun her Halloween indoctrination. She shall be the best haunter baby ever!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Most Haunted House In Savannah

Author: Dennis Woods

The most haunted house in Savannah, Georgia is the Hampton Lillibridge residence. It is the scene of several tragic deaths and the source of true scary stories about real ghosts. Exorcism has failed to cleanse the house.

The Hampton Lillibridge House

Too Creepy For Occupancy

The most haunted house in Savannah, according to old-timers, is the Hampton Lillibridge House at 507 East Saint Julian Street on Washington Square. The home was originally built by Rhode Islander, Hampton Lillibridge in 1796.

When Hampton Lillibridge died, his widow remarried and disposed of the property. The home passed from owner to owner, and eventually became a boarding house. A sailor hung himself in one of the third story guest rooms during that period.

A Fateful Move

No one would live in the house for a number of years after that until it was finally purchased by intrepid antique dealer Jim Williams in 1963. The house was rapidly deteriorating. Williams also purchased the house next door, with the intent to restore both. However, a laborer was crushed to death during the move of the second house, another victim of the curse attached to the structure.

Workers involved in the 1963 relocation, conceivably stumbled on the source of the paranormal activity associated with Savannah's most haunted house. To their horror, workmen uncovered an ancient crypt as they were preparing the foundation to move.

Judging from the crypt's tabby construction, it dated back to early colonial times. Workers reported that the crypt was empty and so they had simply sealed it up and reburied it. Williams now suspects this to be the source of the haunting and regrets not having investigated more thoroughly at the time.

The Others

There is an abundance of macabre events associated with the Hampton Lillibridge house. Tools and equipment of men working on the restoration mysteriously disappeared or were relocated. Mocking laughter and footsteps were reported on several occasions.

Jim Williams himself reported numerous abnormalities during his tenure in the hosue. For example, he once followed a shadowy figure to the end of an upper story hall, where it mysteriously disappeared through a door. Williams tried to open the door himself, but it was locked tight.

On December 7, 1963 the distraught Williams at last conducted an exorcism of the haunted house under the auspices of an Episcopal bishop. Unfortunately, the cleansing was ineffective as the paranormal activity resumed within a week.

There are no willing buyers because of the many true scary stories associated with the most haunted house in Savannah. Neighbors report shadowy figures in the windows and eerie music and laughter as if some paranormal party is underway at one of Savannah's most haunted places.

For More Information

Learn more about the Hampton Lillibridge House and the "7 Greatest Mysteries" of Savannah-Hilton Head Island at Follow the links below for an expose of the real ghosts on Hilton Head Island, the No. 1 vacation destination in the Continental United States.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Haunted Houses, Halloween Not Morally Wrong

Greetings! I wanted to share an article I recently wrote with our readers. Scott Faubion

Home haunting, owning a haunted house or simply enjoying the Halloween season is not against Christianity or morally wrong.

I have encountered people in life who feel that if you enjoy Halloween, haunt your home, own a haunted house or watch horror movies, you are evil. I remember one man who lived a few doors down from my family in the early 2000s. One evening, he started yelling across the quaint suburban yards that I need to "find God." (Ironically, I am a member of a Methodist church but he didn't bother to ask.) I am sure he got on this soapbox because 1) he had been drinking and 2) my wife and I run an online Halloween prop store and also decorate our home for Halloween. Enjoying the Halloween season is morally right, not wrong.

Owning a haunted house (or Halloween store) is a way to make money and enjoy the Halloween season. Many people also "home haunt." This is where Halloween lovers decorate their homes and yards, turning them into suburban haunted houses. This is done because dressing up in creepy costumes and jumping out at neighbors and children tripping through your garage or professional haunt is fun. It is fun for the actors and for the patrons. Haunted houses and home haunts are not built for the devil and love of death. They are created because the owners and actors love life.

Furthermore, simply decorating your home with spider-webs, creepy skulls and scary bats for Halloween parties is okay, too. I can honestly say I have never thought how pleased dark spirits will be when I decorate my living room for a party. I have never wondered if the devil will be happy I picked out the vilest horror movies for a get-together. I often think, "am I doing enough to entertain party guests? Will this decor please family and friends?" Yes, dark spirits can sit on the curb. They are not invited to my Halloween parties and, I am sure, to none of the parties home haunters and haunted house owners I know prepare.

What about trick-or-treating? Is it wrong? Will it taint the minds of children? I say no. I know many other Christians who agree. Some of my best memories of childhood are trick-or-treating with my parents throughout our neighborhood and even traveling to the homes of other relatives to beg for that sweet candy. I remember approaching my paternal grandparents' home multiple Halloweens. Grandpa could be found sitting on their front steps passing candy out to the roaming trick-or-treaters. I remember him smiling, enjoying the happiness the candy brought the bright-eyed kids. I remember how much fun it was to approach him, and other relatives, hold out my plastic pumpkin and say "trick or treat!?"

No, there is no evil in loving Halloween, home haunting or owning a haunted house. Halloween is fun and a way to bond with friends and family. It is way to enjoy life (and nab some good candy)!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun opens this weekend - I'm super psyched!

For a kid who grew up going to Worlds of Fun, then moved to within blocks of it, to have the biggest Halloween party in the city now hosted within spitting distance is a haunter's wet dream.